Insights, Fun and Funny Thoughts

Cedar, 9 years old, traveling across the country in a trailer behind her father’s bike.   We ran into her in central Washington, near Reardon.  After hearing that I was cycling the perimeter of the United States, she said, “If you’re bicycling the perimeter of the United States, what are you doing down here.”  🙂

Dale Nienow, my college friend in Port Townsend, has walked 500 miles alone and 700 miles with his wife, Becky, on the Camino, in Spain and France.  Recently, he took a three day class in Portland to learn how to be a “hospitalero,” a volunteer on the camino who helps others. He plans to do this for about two weeks in 2017.

One thing he learned is that when travelers arrive at the end of the day, be careful about asking them all about their day, but simply offer a glass of water- as he did for us when we arrived at their home in Port Townsend.