Until I went to bed…

Seven of us bicycled out of Coeur d’Alene, ate quiche, Nanimo bars and cookies with our coffee at Rocket Bakery on Argonne. Keith Jones and I continued toward Davenport, WA and the rest return to Coeur d’Alene- Lisa May, Brinnon Mandel, Pam Babb, Adalid ,from Bolivia, and Jenny Wayman.

Keith and I arrived in Davenport at 6 p.m. 81 miles.  Lots of wind and a 10 mile climb from Reardon to Davenport, through wheat fields.  Keith suggested a name for a Hefeweizen, if there was a brewery in Davenport, of “Uphill Headwind.”

I’m at a Subway in Davenport, with 11 men who meet here for coffee- the only place to have coffee in the morning.. We’re rolling dice to see who buys today.  The included me. 🙂  Of 14 people,  it came down to Keith (from Davenport) and me.  He rolled three fours and I beat him on my first roll, with four sixes.  I got a free cup of coffee.

I’ll fill in more pieces later, but  I need to pack and get ready to go, but one more thing about last night…

I fell asleep about 8:30, with my glasses on.  Sometime during the night I rolled on them and broke both bows.  Then I realized my air-inflated Thermarest was flat. The wired corner from one bow of my glasses was buried in it.

Time to pack up.  90 miles today, to Bridgeport State Park, on the Columbia River, west of Coulee City.




7 thoughts on “Until I went to bed…

  1. We have a houseful of family for the weekend and thinking of you! Hoping my now visually impaired brother got a good night’s rest on subsequent days of the ride! Vision should be good enough to see the juggling pins and other large objects like cars…

    Love you!

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