Less Than a Week

I’m nervous.  Not about the bike trip which I’m about to start, but about this blog and the fact that people like you will be reading it! And scrutinizing my writing and my adventure – and if you don’t find it fascinating, you won’t come back!  I hope to keep you with me until June of 2017, when I plan to return to Coeur d’Alene with 9.000, or so, miles of pedaling behind me.   And LOTS of fun adventures. 

Below is the staging of what I plan to start the trip with.  There’s also a sleeping bag and pad, a tent, of course,  but this is what I will start with, and I’ll see how it goes.  (I’m not taking the dustpan in the lower right corner- nor the big books in the lower left corner.)

IMG_0346 (1)


10 thoughts on “Less Than a Week

  1. Don’t be nervous David about us reading your blog posts!! We will just be so excited to hear about your journey and adventure!! Tell you what, if you follow our blog I will follow yours!! So excited for you!!


  2. So you’re cycling the country? Wow, fantastic!!! Your leg muscles must already be amazing, and will only get stronger….🚴🏽‼️ Not to mention all the fantastic places, incredible experiences, and amazing people you will meet! You GO !!! 🚴🏽👍🏽‼️


  3. The three most important items you’re taking (imo): juggling pins, aspirin, and “Being Mortal”. I’m wearing my bike shorts for the duration so I can more fully experience your adventure as an armchair (handlebar?) traveler.

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  4. I’m glad I found your blog today, I spent the next 49 minutes catching myself up on every blog post and comment! So glad to know your doing well David! Keep the adventures comin’, no matter how they’re written!

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